Four Seasons Grazing Club

Register here for the April 13 pasture walk at the Yokley Farm.


Eddie Yokely to host Four Seasons Grazing Club Foraging Workshop


The Four Seasons Grazing Club will meet for a Grazing for Profit Pasture Walk titled "Profitable Ground ... what does it look like?" at Eddie Yokley's farm on April 13 from 5:30-8:00 p.m. The farm is located at 1046 Old Kentucky Rd., South. The event is free and a free hamburger dinner will follow the event.

Yokely is using an innovative rotational grazing and forage management method. Practices include rolling out hay in the fall, using a sacrifice field for winter grazing and moving to grass in February or March, using temporary fencing, and grazing areas on the margins of streams or rivers on dry winter days.

Mike McElroy of the Greene County Soil Conservation District said the method is nontraditional but effective.

"It boils down to grazing management and the landowner being in control," McElroy said. "A lot of the complaints that we get during winter time are, 'There's nothing but mud around the hay rings,' or 'I lost a calf because of the mud.' To get away form that, you've got to change your management. You've got to do something different to get around it."

The pasture walk will include seeing a stream crossing with a water access point, freeze proof waterers, additional quick connects, even manure distribution in the sacrifice field and learning about how farms can qualify for cost sharing opportunities.

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