The Gardens and CSA

The three gardens at Rural Resources serve as production and educational spaces. In 2016, Rural Resources became an incubator for River House Farm, which plans to grow 250 varieties of fruits, vegetables and herbs. Produce from the two Rural Resources garden spaces will be used in the River House Farm's Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program.

The third garden serves as an educational space for youth. During the summer, recent graduates of the Farm & Food Training Program are selected as interns, working and learning in the garden. All teens from The Farm & Food Teen Training Program participate in educational activities within the garden.

We strongly believe that the quality and nutrition of produce is best when great care is given to the land from which it comes, and we make it a priority to impart this to anyone who spends time in the garden. While we're not officially certified, the garden at Rural Resources is strongly committed to organic practices. We use a wide variety of heirloom and open pollinated seeds, and never use treated or GMO seeds. The vast majority of the work in the garden is done by hand, reducing our carbon footprint and keeping us close to the food we grow. If you ever want to see what's growing at Rural Resources, feel free to stop by and take a tour of the garden.

There is always room for people to help out in the garden.  If you wish to volunteer, please contact Farmer Melissa ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ). You may also visit our World Wide Opportunities On Organic Farming (WWOOF) page at


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