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Diwali Take Away


Celebrate the festival of lights with a traditional, home styled, Indian meal 

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Diwali menu

Indian cuisine varies greatly from region to region, based on what fruits and vegetables were available locally for generations.  North Indian cuisine is heavily onion and tomato-based, while in the south you see a lot more coconut.

Our menu today is based on the state of Punjab, a farming region on the border of Pakistan. We’ve kept the heat level low, but have left the flavor high.  Be sure to grab a container of hot curry if you like your food spicier.


Samosa with Imli Chutney

Fried hand pies, filled with a mix of potatoes and peas,

Seasoned with dried mango powder, cumin and coriander seeds

 Sweet and sour tamarind dipping sauce

Masala Rice

Basmati rice seasoned with onion, cumin seeds and saffron

Gosht Curry

Chunks of locally sourced lamb, slowly simmered in traditional Punjabi Curry, made with onions, tomatoes and spices. 


Shai Paneer

Chunks of cheese in a tomato cream sauce.

Vegetable Subzi

A dish you’ll find on the table for every meal, subzi is a dry preparation of any vegetable.

Sauté of green beans, carrots, corn, and peppers mixed with a house made cottage cheese

Palak Channa

Chick peas, with spinach in a tomato based sauce


The staple of every North Indian meal, chapatti are an unleavened flat bread.  Made with whole wheat flour and traditionally roasted over a coal fire, pieces of this bread are torn off and used to scoop up the other dishes in the meal.


Creamy rice pudding flavored with cardamom


White wine

Each ticket is for a meal serving two including bottle of wine

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