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Rural Resources Farm & Food Education Center is a 15-acre farm located in Greeneville, TN. This non-profit was found in 1993 to help families reduce intergenerational dependency on public benefits by increasing self-sufficiency through food security, wellness, and educational and economic mobility. The farm and food education center's facilities include a main educational facility with a commercial kitchen, barn, outdoor pavilion, 1/2 acre garden plus equipment for production, 2 greenhouses, creek side area with a walking path, forest, and 6 acres of pasture. The organization has 30 years of leadership in nutrition and health; including the direct provision of food and education to reduce food insecurity for people living in low-income communities.


 Our region has traditionally been one of small scale farms where nearly every family milked a cow, kept some chickens, and grew a garden. In recent generations, we've seen a growing disconnect between our families and the food we eat. The results are an aging farming population and a new culture of diet-related health illnesses including obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, and more.

We want to change all that! Using our community farm as home base, we want to help you experience where your food comes from: growing it, cooking it, and eating it. We involve youth in the experience and connect them to work with local growers to promote real, nutritious food to families all around our hometown of Greeneville, TN and beyond.

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