• The Farm and Food Education Center, is a small farm featuring indoor and outdoor classrooms including a certified commercial kitchen. The Center specializes in offering hands-on trainings that provide beginning and existing farmers and growers with planning and decision making tools to produce and develop sustainable agricultural systems that suit their needs. The Center includes ongoing garden and livestock demonstrations and is equipped with a commercial kitchen in which food producers can learn about safe food processing and begin their entrepreneurial venture. Check our calendar of events for upcoming opportunities.

  • Farm Day Camp is a blast! Kids from ages 4 to 12 spend time at the farm playing and learning about where their food comes from. Weeks are geared for specific age groups giving them an opportunity to experience farm chores and learn about their own habitat.  Younger children focus on gardening and caring for animals and older campers learn more about natural resources through off farm experiences.

  • Farm Field Trips are specially customized for elementary school teachers and home-school parents. We assist in the preparation of hands on experiences that supplement the TN common core curriculum for science, biology and math.

  • Farm & Food Teen Training Program for the last decade has successfully invited local teens to develop their growing and cooking skills and have a creative hand in starting or adding to a farm or food business venture.  This  4-year experience assists economically challenged teens learn valuable skills that will help them pursue further education in agriculture or the culinary arts and food processing industry.

  • The F.A.R.M. Youth Internship is a program that allows Teen Training Program graduates along with college agriculture students and youth participating in partner education programs such as Future Farmers of America to be connected with local farmers to put in practice skills they've learned.  From producing and harvesting to managing a small enterprise, students will have the opportunity to be mentored by experienced producers and establish long term relationships to further develop their skills into permanent professional experiences.

  • Co-Starters Business Development Classes are offered through the Farm & Food Teen Training Program for youth and at scheduled times for adults in the community who are interested in developing a business such as a farm or food venture (but not limited to a farm/food venture).  See our calendar of events for future classes.

  • Neighborhood Gardening & Canning is a community outreach program that enables food insecure neighborhoods to plant, harvest and preserve their produce. These activities benefit elderly communities and people in need who have difficulty acquiring nutritious food due to their circumstances.

  • Children's Farmers Market teaches elementary school children at Debusk School about farmers' markets: where they are and how they work!  Children use monopoly money to make purchasing decisions to buy real produce that they take home to their families.  A seasonal vegetable or fruit is featured at each market.

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