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Farm & Food 
Teen Training Program

There are some exciting new opportunities at Rural Resources this year!  Participants in the 2024-2025 Farm & Food Teen Training Program will have the option to attend many different classes at the Farm, as well as participate in off-site field trips. This unique program is free to enroll, and Teens earn money for every class they participate in! The classes include Kitchen, Livestock, Food Production, Employment, Healthy Behaviors, Nutrition, and Wellness. 


Food Production

Learn about different methods of gardening in small spaces, weed control, soil health and regenerative practices.  Activities may include starting seeds in the greenhouse, transplanting, harvesting, and selling greenhouse starts.

teen group calf dec 2021.JPG


Learn about feed, health, reproduction, processing, and business practices with animals on the farm.  Animals include cattle, goats, sheep, and rabbits. Activities may include field trips to other farms, care of farm animals, and business-based projects.   



Learn basic skills, kitchen safety and experience new cuisines. Plan, shop and prepare budget friendly meals.

Paul with Teen Interns.JPG


Learn communication styles, leadership, job search skills & write a resume. Activities may include goal setting, community service, discussions, and projects.



Explore the relationship between food, exercise, nutrition, and chronic disease.  Learn to manage stress, develop a growth mindset, and get active! Activities may include hiking, yoga, breathwork, discussions, field trips, and projects.


Family Night

Once a month we invite our teens to bring a family member to share a meal, play games, and create memories!  Activities may include cooking, baking, crafts, painting, games, community service, and classes from local professionals on topics ranging from financial responsibility to physical fitness.

What Teens say...

"When I’m here, I feel like there is a place in this world that is fit for me." -Anonymous


"It's really fun to be with the other kids" - Sophia


"It's helped me to understand and to appreciate our surroundings" - Tommy

The Farm & Food Teen Training Program is open to Middle & High School students in Greene County.


Students in a home school program are eligible and encouraged to enroll! 

Participating students will be given a stipend (earn money) for attending classes and working on the farm.


Classes meet on Saturdays during the school year and on weekdays during the summer months.

Transportation is available for students needing a ride to & from the Farm.

This is a FREE program designed to educate youth about Farming, Agriculture, Health and Nutrition.

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