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The Teen Farm and Food Program 2021/2022 will focus on farming and gardening, cooking/nutrition, and Ag business development. Each stage focuses on different aspects of Agriculture.

*The first-year students (6th graders) will participate in a Horticulture class that focuses on gardening and plant and soil science.

*The second-year students (7th graders) will learn about Nutrition and food prep in our kitchen.

*The third-year students (8th graders) will learn about Animal Husbandry by working with and learning how to care for farm animals.  

*The 4th year students (9th grade) will learn about Ag Business and Practices along with participating in entrepreneurship opportunities.

*10th – 12th grade students will have the opportunity to stay on and be assigned as Youth Coaches for the 4 year program.


Open House, in person sign up and meeting with parents –      August 8th 11:00-2:00        

Online Enrollment -                                                                         August 3rd – 15th


First Class –                                                                                     August 21st     

September Classes:                                                                        9/4 & 9/25           

October Classes:                                                                             10/9 & 10/23      

November Classes:                                                                        11/6 - no other classes this month due to Thanksgiving 

December Classes:                                                                        12/4 & 12/18 (Holiday Celebration)               

January Classes:                                                                            1/8 & 1/22           

February Classes:                                                                           2/5 & 2/19           

March Classes:                                                                                3/5 & 3/19           

April Classes:                                                                                   4/9 & 4/23           

May Classes:                                                                                    5/7 & 5/21

Requirements for enrollment and facts about the program:

6th – 9th Grade Students (11-15 years of age) in Greene County and Greeneville City Schools are all eligible to enroll and attend.

Participating students will be given a stipend for attending and helping out on the farm.


All legal guardians must sign a release for students to be eligible to attend to ensure participation.


Classes will meet 1-2 times per month on the weekend during the school year.  

Transportation is available for students needing to be picked up and dropped off.

This is a free program designed to educate students about Agriculture and Nutrition.

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