Chair: Joel Hausser

Vice- Chair: Steve Tipton

Secretary: Jerry Anderson

Treasurer:  Teresa Shepard

Jennifer Lawson

Amanda Love

Robert McNeese

Elizabeth Mullins

Dana Jackson

Emeritus:Richard Spain, Farmer

Dr. Michael Hartsell, Physician

Dr. Barbara Hodges, Veterinarian

Joyce Doughty, Community Educator 

Staff Members

Merri Younce

Executive Director


Sally Causey loves teaching children of all ages how to milk Rural Resources' Jersey Cow and feels so lucky to do that as part of being the Executive Director of Rural Resources, the post she has held since 1996.  She has shepherded Rural Resources through many stages of program and organizational development including the Farm & Food Training Program, beginning a Mobile Farmers' Market and developing the Farm & Food Learning Center. Sally holds a B.A. in Political Science from the University of North Carolina and a MAEd. from Tusculum College.  She is a Mom of 2 boys, a Girl Scout, a 2004 Greene Co. Partnership Leadership Class graduate, and an Elder in the Presbyterian Church.


Rhonda Hensley

Community Outreach Coordinator

Rhonda has been serving this role since 2005. She received her Associates Degree in Education from Walters State Community College in 1995 and attended East Tennessee State University. Prior to working for Rural Resources, Rhonda operated a restaurant as well as a rural country store with a lunch counter. Rhonda has a passion for working with people and sharing food.


Torri Peters

Appalachia CARES AmeriCorps member serving as Marketing and Events Coordinator

Torri studied culinary arts in college and has worked in a wide variety of kitchens. She grows super-hot peppers and heirloom lettuces in her home garden and uses a lot of what she grows in the food she prepares and eats at home. She is currently a Greene County Master Gardener and a member of the Depot Street Farmer’s Market Board and plans to become a vendor in the future.


Charlesey Charlton-McCallister

Appal Corps AmeriCorps member serving as Teen Program Coordinator

A graduate from MTSU with a bachelor's degree in Agriculture and Art.  Charlesey has taught at North East State Community College while also taking over the family farm. Today along with still teaching collegiate level art part-time she manages around 100 acres of land and roughly 200 head of sheep.


Teddy Dabbs 

Farm Manager


Teddy cares for livestock on a daily basis as well as overseeing gardens, repairs and maintenance, etc. Teddy grew up on a Greene County farm and enjoys his time working in the country.


Rushmie Bakshi

Appalachia CARES AmeriCorps member serving as Chef / Kitchen Manager

Rushmie has been volunteering with youth and children for the past 15 years. She started actively cooking while a student at Dalhousie University, in Nova Scotia. She is passionate about food and looks forward to passing that love on to the community.  Rushmie spent several years in North Carolina before moving to the Greeneville area in 2004.  She is married with three children, two of whom were Farm Day Campers!

rush pic.jpg

Anna Bonde

Farm & Ag Educator

Anna is originally from Minneapolis, and has loved farming since she started when she was 19. Anna likes reggae music and barbecue sauce. When she isn't working in the field, Anna likes to read books about politics, and to paint. Even though she is from the city, small towns are her favorite place to live. She went to a charter school and wore a school uniform for many years, and now she is breaking free and getting covered in dirt, and she loves it. Anna went to college in north Wisconsin and got her degree in Natural Resources with an emphasis in Ecological Restoration. She aspires to one day go to grad school for soil science, and for now she is elated to work in the field and spend her time teaching teenagers. 


Matthew Cutts

Senior Services SC

Event Planning Coordinator