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Bees on the Farm


Bees and other pollinators find sanctuary at Rural Resources. The farm is managed for pollinator health, with minimal pesticides, and lots of wildflowers.  Active honey bee hives are managed from time to time with sponsorship from local beekeepers.

You are invited to stop by the farm and see our one-of-akind educational exhibit, a walk-in Bee Hive where YOU are the bee! The Bee Hive looks just like a hive, but big enough for you to walk inside. Learn about hives and bees and how to help them thrive. Designed by Sally Causey, built by Steve Tipton, and art concept & design by Susan Farley.

Thanks to a generous grant from the TN Arts Commission and the East TN Foundation Arts Fund.

bee hive RR ad.jpg
On April 4, 2019 we were incredibly lucky to discover a bee swarm moving away from the hive boxes.  The following videos document Joel Hausser, Beekeeper of B&J Farms, and Sally Causey working to contain the hive and queen, so that they could be relocated to a new hive box.
Check this video out to hear Joel talk about why bees swarm.
If the loud wind sound bothers you, fast forward to 2:30. That's when we really get close.

Did we get the queen in the box?

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