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Kitchen Chemistry
Dairy Project
Jennifer Wine and Rachel Gaby milk Cora cropped

How does the milk get from the farm to the fridge?


Students will have an opportunity to milk a cow (if in season) learn about pasteurization and help weighing and measuring milk


Learn about photosynthesis, re-radiated energy, the greenhouse effect, seed propagation and plant parts.


Students will learn about the different edible parts of a plant!

We will challenge the kids with fun food deductions. Try some if/then statements and get hands-on experiments!


For instance: The Butter Science elements: We break up the membrane, fat and water components of milk.

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Baking Supplies
Chemistry Students
Composting with Worms

Ever wonder what worms actually do? They are the powerhouse of the vegetable patch!

Students will discover the vital role worms play in creating and maintaining healthy soil.

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