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Diversity is praised!

Updated: Oct 11, 2018

We are so very excited to announce that we have been awarded a small grant by the Appalachian Community Fund! Every spring we work diligently to secure grants that allow us keep programs running. The Farm and Food Teen Training Program is indeed one that needs as much help as possible. Our 4 year program is continuously evolving and participation growing; we feel proud to serve the youth in our community, they are our future leaders and being the recipient of this grant that invests on educational equality, racial justice, low income support, domestic violence prevention and overall acceptance allows us to promote a culture of equality in our community. This grant of $1500 will be invested on the Teen Program Artisan Pizzas' Enterprise Project.

Rural Resources wish is to positively impact the life of the teens participating in our programs, ensuring they will be able to join the work forces one day with confidence and opportunities to engage their future goals as adults who can foster inclusiveness in a service oriented culture. The Appalachian Community Fund provides grants to organizations embracing social change, we try daily to embrace diversity and collaboration regardless of the teens circumstances. We thank immensely ACF and their donors for contributing to our regional youth development cause.

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