Teen Training Program

Provides experiences and life skills in :

  • Culinary Arts and Catering

  • Food Systems and Agriculture

  • Business and Leadership

Two types of opportunities  are provided to the teens  and  family members who have completed the program and are willing to join additional training

Owning and Raising Swine:

Livestock participants get additional 10 training hours that go hand in hand with raising their animal and participating in a learning support group to help them increase success in their Livestock Projects. The Farm and Food Education Center has farmland available for families who may need it to advance in their learning

Teen Training Evaluations

Every two years our teens and lately their parents as well participate of a program evaluation, led by Rural Support Partners of Asheville, NC with no Rural Resources Staff present, focus groups meet and give feedback on all aspects of the program.  Read the evaluations below:


2016 Evaluation

2014 Evaluation

2018 Evaluation

2012 Evaluation

2010 Evaluation

2008 Evaluation

How does our program really helps our teens?

Their new skills allow them to get better jobs and pursue an entrepreneurial opportunities

Over 90% of the teens make healthier lifestyle choices because of this program

The small stipend they receive for their participation and labor, gives them a sense of accomplishment and security to be part of the support for their families