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A Thankful Note from Meryem

I have learned so much from the FARM internship so far, and I know I will learn so much more. The other day I learned how to dis-bud a baby goats horns.

I am currently learning about bees and how to care for there needs. I have been caring for fruit trees and growing vegetables.

I have a wonderful mentor that has gone above and beyond all expectations.

Together we have set SMART learning goals that are specific, measurable and achievable for what her farm offers. I have experienced both the good and the bad from hot humid weather to down pouring rains. Wanting to harvest on certain days and not being able to. We weed the gardens until we have to stop due to the heat.

Over all, it all works out and we start anew the next morning. ☀

Meryem Sherman, Liese’s Mini Farm

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